Derma Pen Micro-Needling

Reduce wrinkles and scars by stimulating your skin’s natural regenerative capabilities

Would you like smoother, rejuvenated, more youthful-looking skin? Do you want to avoid lasers or other extreme methods of scar removal? We provide an option with virtually no down time and phenomenal results: Derma Pen micro-needling. This treatment is fast and effective in reducing the appearance of wrinkles, scars, and even stretch marks.

Here’s How It Works

The Derma Pen is equipped with multiple micro-needles, which penetrate into the skin and create small micro skin channels. These skin channels encourage the delivery of nutrients to the dermis and the basal layer of the skin, thus equipping skin to repair and rejuvenate itself at a cellular level. As skin heals over these miniscule punctures, scars, wrinkles, and stretch marks will naturally be reduced. Collagen and elastin production will both be stimulated by this treatment, resulting in firmer, tighter skin. This treatment can be combined with a stem cell mask to accelerate the healing process.

Derma Pen micro-needling sessions are quite short. Although the process may cause some irritation of the skin during treatment, recovery is quick so you can return to your normal activities with minimal down time.

Create a Personalized Treatment Package

The Derma Pen uses adjustable needles to allow penetration at the precise depth that is right for your needs. Typically, we recommend getting a microdermabrasion treatment prior to your first Derma Pen micro-needling session. You should follow up each Derma Pen treatment with immediate Therma-Lift and LED Light therapy sessions. We’ll be happy to discuss the benefits of these additional therapies with you and develop a personalized treatment plan specifically designed to address your skin’s unique needs.

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