Body Composition Scan

The foundation of your customized treatment plan

At The Skin, we specialize in creating customized treatment plans designed to address each individual’s concerns about their body and goals for improvement. The first step in this process is a Dexa body composition scan.

This scan shows us your body fat percentage and your lean muscle mass composition, and also checks for fat cells surrounding your vital organs. Based on this information, we can get a clear understanding of your body composition and choose the best course of action specifically designed for you.

Why Dexa

The Dexa scan is the gold standard for measuring body composition— it's used by medical facilities and research labs around the world. It provides simple, accurate, and detailed information that is vital for targeting and destroying stubborn body fat.

What to Expect

Getting a Dexa body composition scan is a quick and easy process. It takes just 6 to 10 minutes to complete the scan, and the results will be available immediately. We can then go over the results with you and begin making recommendations for your personalized treatment plan.

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