Client Testimonials

After exhaustively searching to get my saddlebags under control, I was referred to The Skin by a friend that had the same issue and had great results. So I'm thrilled with the results so far I've seen a wonderful difference and know that saddlebags are soon to be nothing but a horrifying memory!

They're having a buy one get one free on body sculpting for new clients until xmas!

- Rosana B. -

I'm a nurse.. I have been coming to The Skin for the last 3 yrs...

The nurses at my work come here and those that haven't know of the services provided here, the girls at The Skin have a great reputation!!!

I love the all treatments here and have an awesome effective result .
I thank The Skin for making me looking fabulous, radiant, and beautiful at 53 yrs of age.

My own family thinks I've been using botox and can't believe my skin looks this great with the machines from The Skin.

I've also tried body sculpting and absolutely love it!!!

Nothing to hide ladies you be very proud to say your age as long as you stick to their beauty treatments.
Thank you Queta for making me beautiful and extra sleep I get during my treatments.
You have created a wonderful relaxing friendly atmosphere.

And of course my coffee .. hahaha you know what I mean ..
I love love you guys!!! hail to Beauty‼!

- Lbybacha L.-

Seriously, If you want results and your money's worth, come to this place. I have gone to numerous places, Beverly Hills Rejuvenation In Corona del Mar CA included, where they easily charge triple the price and have not much of results to show for. The ladies at The Skin, are very knowledgeable and professional, they ALWAYS go beyond expectations and you will ALWAYS see results and a great improvement on your skin. They have diverse treatments and custom tailor to customer needs, without just adding to your tab in order to make money. Gia and Queta truly care for their customers and make you feel at home, moreover, they give you hope and results. What can be better????

- Ana S. -

I have been struggling with my skin (i.e. acne, scarring on my cheeks) for several years.  I have never been satisfied with the results from previous treatments (well over 60 treatments) until I took a chance on The Skin.  The Skin staff are very professional and understand what it takes to achieve great skin long term.  My skin looks great; I have clear and smooth skin thanks to expert care I have received at the Skin and would recommend any one dealing with troubled skin to give them a try and you will not be sorry.  Highly Recommended!!!

- Barry G. -

Had a couple of procedures done and I absolutely love it. Will continue to come here and invite my friends and family. I looked as this experience as a gift for me. I plan on continuing to give myself gifts from here.

- Sandra C. -

I have a problem with my triple chin and after the first treatment I noticed a huge difference. Gia is like a magician with her machine. I'll definitely be coming back for future treatments. And she's very funny too. Overall I'm one very happy customer!

- Taylor R. -

Absolutely love it! Whether you are looking to rejuvenate your skin and look better. Consultations are great and such friendly staff. Look and feel amazing with your skin 

- Jud A. -

Had my first face treatment and the results were amazing! Will definitely be back. Thank you

- Ana C. -

I need to share with you my experience at the skin phenomenal after my first visit I went home and put on a dress that didn't fit way to small I was so excited not only happy about my progress the hospitality that's given if you want to go somewhere and get great service actually to be treated by someone whose not just all about the money but someone who really care about your well being go to The Skin the office is really nice you feel a comfort there I will be doing a follow up on my progress

- Renata V. -

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